Healthy Food Translation


Eat is my translation and web writing service for food businesses who support their customers in achieving their self-care goals with healthy delicious food that's good for the body and the mind.

People all over the world are increasingly aware of the importance of balanced healthy nutrition and lifestyle to prevent diseases in general. Italians are no exception.

If you think they only eat pasta & pizza, check again. Health-conscious food choices have been the winning trend for the past 3 years in Italy. 1 in 3 families buys organic products regularly. Rich-in and free-from product sales are growing the most

Moreover, eating choices have evolved into actual lifestyles. People who commit to them do not focus on prices, but rather on the values of the company selling those products, on the safety of the ingredients and on how sustainable and respectful of the environment that company is.

If you translate your website and/or your blog articles, you will open a new world for your Italian prospects: the world made of your products and their unique properties with which they improve people's lives. Of course, you can also rely on content crafted directly in Italian and SEO-optimized for your healthy eating articles, to explore your audience's interests and their satisfaction level. Then, have product descriptions and labels translated as well to land in your Italian clients' shopping cart.

Eat is perfect for you if:

  1. Italians' eating habits are a puzzle to you
  2. You want to leverage content marketing to engage prospects and clients interested in healthy food...
  3. ... but you have no time to craft specific content for each target country
  4. You don't want your business efforts on the branding image to get 'lost in translation'
  5. You don't sell just products but lifestyles, and you want it to show

Imagine to be able to:

  1. Get help to unravel the latest nutrition trends on the Italian market
  2. Count on a professional to write or adjust for you content targeted for the Italian audience, including SEO
  3. Offer tailored content to keep Italian prospects and clients engaged locally
  4. Publish Italian content on your site in your brand's look & feel without altering page structures
  5. Conquer clients with juicy descriptions that convey your brand's core values

Can you see the light
at the end of the funnel?

That's you, enjoying that run in the park you have been putting off
while someone you trust takes care of your content for the Italian market.

Healthy food eating translation

Here are some examples of translations you can request with Eat:

  • recipes (healthy, light, vegetarian...)
  • restaurant and food outlet menus
  • organic products descriptions
  • product catalogues
  • ad copy and body copy for the food sector
  • food and dietary supplements labels
  • natural food reviews
  • nutrition guides and programmes
  • training guides
  • articles on how to lose weight, eat healthy, balance conscious food choices
    and physical activities, and more




How I work


First of all, after you get in touch with me, we'll look together at your current situation, your needs and your goals in a completely free, non-binding consultancy session, whether by call or video-call. It'll help both of us understand if we're made for each other or if we should go our own way.


If we feel the spark, I'll go ahead and study your brand style, the available contents, what and how you want to communicate. Then I'll proceed to:

  • translate your content
  • review texts previously translated into Italian 
  • write a brand new copy in Italian for your specific need


If we need to, we'll plan one more chat to define further details. I will work with the tools and procedures we agree together on: I may work directly on your website or on a document you will provide, and send you back the final product in the original format, without any distortions and without the need to hire further DTP resources.


Based on the content's length, a couple of days later I will send you a draft text on which you can, or rather should, comment and advise. Based on your feedback I will finalize the job. Unless we decide to write The Wellness Bible – fine by me, but be warned: I'm picky, so it could take years – within a few days you'll have your content in Italian ready.

Eat includes

  • One free consultation to decide if we should work together
  • A free, non-binding quote I'll prepare based on our chat
  • Any other discussion you deem necessary to define the details
  • The translation, revision and/or web writing task
  • Regular updates on the work in progress, where agreed
  • A draft of my work for your revision
  • The implementation of all the notes and comments made during your revision
  • The desktop publishing work on the final file, if necessary
  • The final delivery of the content in the agreed layout and format

How much will it cost?

Given the multiple components of Eat, its price is not fixed but rather determined by specific criteria (content length, purpose, destination, original language, just to name a few).

So, even if I really wish I could, I can't just write “Eat costs 300 bucks” down here. I will only be able to provide a final price with my quote which, by the way, is completely free and non-binding, so what are you waiting for? Request one!

If you need more reasons why

  • Your clients' health is at stake. We're not talking peanuts. Your message needs to get through, not something else. You can't afford any mistakes or misunderstandings, not when your clients' health is on the line.
  • You need great writing skills. Persuasive is the word. Whether you're trying to convince your clients to enter a particular nutrition programme or buy your latest free-from product, I know best how to use the language to create fluent and flawless texts to help you achieve your goal.
  • You need a professional with a Master degree in Specialized Translation. You deserve someone who has learned state-of-the-art translation techniques like me. I am also committed to developing my knowledge and skills to make sure my translations are always top-notch.
  • You need someone specialized in your field. I don't just translate anything for anyone. As a professional, I only accept projects in which I am competent and capable of providing a quality service.
  • You deserve the best. I don't leave anything to chance. You deserve a translation that's fine-tuned to the smallest detail. Choose someone who'll manage your project thoroughly, deliver on time and reply promptly to your communications.

Kind words

It was a pleasure to work with Eleonora. She answers every question quickly, and her translation service is perfect. I would recommend her to anyone. I needed a translation of my study certificates as requested by my university. I thought the process would be long and hard, but Eleonora succeeded in changing this bias completely. Great job!


What I appreciated the most is Eleonora's helpfulness and professionalism in doing the job. I was worried about the turnaround times, which can sometimes be too long, and about the specific format required by some institutions. On the contrary, translations were carried out by the requested deadline and the format was reproduced perfectly.


Accurate, reliable and very professional. Her plus: a very fluent style, perfect for creative translations!


Good quality, on time, excellent communication.