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Working 9 to 9.
A slice of pizza or a sandwich eaten for lunch in front of your computer.
The only steps being the ones between the office and the car, and between the car and home. Repeat.
A pain of frustration in the stomach adding up to a  headache.
How angry you are for choosing a self-destructive path and feeling incapable of leaving it.

This was me a couple of years ago, but the description fits perfectly anyone in the world who is living this lifestyle and that you, with your business, are trying to help.

I wonder why, as children, they teach us the alphabet and numbers but forget to tell us that we should love ourselves. When they tell us vegetables are good for you, they don't explain that nourishing our body with positive food and emotions is the only way that we can generate positivity and happiness.

I still remember a clear spark of hope in my belly, when they told me that a rude or irritated reaction is nothing but a manifestation of suffering. I felt that, if it was possible to answer with kindness, then everything was possible.

I was on my very own path towards mindfulness: an 8-week course in which I've learned more things about me and the human mind than in my whole life.  

Luckily, more and more people are embarking on a journey to discover the secrets to happiness, passed down by the ancient Eastern rituals and later adopted by Western cultures. A happiness that they are able to find again in their everyday routine, in their breath, in a mindful meal, in a moment of acceptance.

Even world leaders can't look away anymore: more wellbeing leads to more happiness which leads to better productivity and satisfaction. In a society where people never miss an opportunity to show their resentment, the least we can do is foster the spreading of self-love.

I have created Healthy Words to help promote a healthy lifestyle, guiding people on their journey home and allowing them to discover again the love they feel for themselves and others. 
My job allows me to deliver a message to people who usually do not have access to it, and I have chosen to deliver this one.

There are many translators and writers in the sea. What they choose to translate and write about, and why, is what sets them apart.

If my mission is also your mission, you're in the right place. Let's work together toward this goal.

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Carefully tailored services

Wellbeing has many faces. I have a service for each one of them.

LEAVE is my translation and web writing service for hotels, spas and other businesses in the wellness tourism field. It will push your prospects and clients to grab their suitcase and leave. To come to visit YOU.

EAT is my translation and web writing service for food businesses that support their customers in achieving their self-care goals with healthy delicious food that's good for the body and the mind.

HEAL is my translation and web writing service to help mental health
associations and meditation professionals be there for their clients beyond language barriers.

If you need more reasons why

  • Your clients' health is at stake. We're not talking peanuts. Your message needs to get through, not something else. You can't afford any mistakes or misunderstandings, not when your clients' health is on the line.
  • You need great writing skills. Persuasive is the word. Whether you're trying to convince your clients to enter a particular nutrition program, to come to your spa or to buy your new coach book, I know best how to use the language to create fluent and flawless texts to help you achieve your goal.
  • You need a professional with a Master degree in Specialized Translation. You deserve someone who has learned state-of-the-art translation techniques like me. I am also committed to developing my knowledge and skills to make sure my translations are always top-notch.
  • You need someone specialized in your field. I don't just translate anything for anyone. As a professional, I only accept projects in which I am competent and capable of providing a quality service.
  • You deserve the best. I don't leave anything to chance. You deserve a translation that's fine-tuned to the smallest detail. Choose someone who'll manage your project thoroughly, deliver on time and reply promptly to your communications.

Kind words

It was a pleasure to work with Eleonora. She answers every question quickly, and her translation service is perfect. I would recommend her to anyone. I needed a translation of my study certificates as requested by my university. I thought the process would be long and hard, but Eleonora succeeded in changing this bias completely. Great job!


What I appreciated the most is Eleonora's helpfulness and professionalism in doing the job. I was worried about the turnaround times, which can sometimes be too long, and about the specific format required by some institutions. On the contrary, translations were carried out by the requested deadline and the format was reproduced perfectly.


Accurate, reliable and very professional. Her plus: a very fluent style, perfect for creative translations!


Good quality, on time, excellent communication.